30 juni - Irish Mist

We have had so much trouble with the internet - I am now writing from an internet cafe and do not have acess til Norwegian keyboard so I have to write in English. We thought that maybe our problem was that we did not have enough credit left on our pay-as-you-go deal so we decided to go over the border to Northern Ireland and buy some more vouchers, as they did not sell them in the republic. So we set of for Eniskillen - thinking it was only an hour away but the roads are absolutely unbelievable - sometimes we have to drive in 30 km/h and the speed limit is 100 ! Mona feels carsick. Drives past the towns of Donegal and Ballyshannon. Fills up with diesel before we cross the border and arrives in Enniskillen, full of lovely shops !!!! with English prices !! Completely unbeleiveable that you just cross the border and food prices are almost halved ! We went bananas in Marks & Spencer food hall: Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, apricots, salads and 2 bottles of Beaujolais. We were like kids in a sweetshop. We also bought top-up vouchers for the internet. After shopping and lunch we went to the campsite which was still in UK, just on the border. Probably the most beautiful site we have been for a long time - shame about the weather.........
It is called Rushin House Caravan Park http://www.rushinhousecaravanpark.com/
and is 5 stars. And it only cost 20 pounds. To our disappointment we still cant get any internet.