01 juli - Galway

Ray woke up with backache at five this morning so we have a very lazy morning waiting for medicine to work. As it is raining we are in no hurry anyway, got TV, books, dogs to cuddle.......
But at lunchtime we are on our way to Galway. Roads are much better today, say 75 % of them quite acceptable. It stops raining but it is warm and grey. Arriving at the campsite in Galway we meet the first Norwegian tourists since we left Norway in May ! 2 couples in landrovers embarking on a fortnight of fishing ! The main attraction in Galway according to the books is the night life so we leave the girls to look after the "house" and catches the bus into town. Have a nice meal in a pub that also shows Wimbledon on the telly so there is no escape here either. On our way home we also call in a pub where there is live Irish music so after another guiness and a Bushmill whiskey Ray sings along and it is quite a nice evening. But mus
t be home by 11 as that is the last bus and the girls are waiting.